Christian Gundtoft (born 1982) is a self taught visual artist. His paintings and drawings reflect a fascination of the borderlands between extremes: Sanity vs. madness, order vs. chaos, simplicity vs. complexity etc. This interest can be found both in his style and subject matter. 

In August of 2016 he transformed his studio and opened "Galleri Christian Gundtoft" in Hedehusene just outside of Copenhagen. The studio and the gallery are part of the artist collective "Surrogaten", which houses several Danish artists.


May 2011: Exhibition with artist Anna Kornum at Galleri Claus C, Copenhagen, Denmark.

May 2012: Represented at the yearly art forum ”Samart” in "Køgehallerne", Denmark.

April 2012 – : Represented artist at Galleri Bomhuset, Amagerbrogade 16a, Copenhagen, Denmark.

April 2015: Won 1. prize at the art site: ”” and was granted a space at the yearly, censored art forum "ArtNordic", Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Januar 2016: Won 3. prize at the "Award Exhibition” at Galleri Oxholm in Copenhagen, Denmark.

April 2016: Represented by Galleri Hjorth at "NORTH art forum" in Aalborg, Denmark.

November 2016: Group Exhibition at Galleri Inuit, Aalborg, Denmark.

january 2017 - : Represented artist at Puls Art, Frederiksberg.

January 2017 -: Represented artist at Galleri Clifford, Vejle.

March 2017: Exhibition at Galartery, Frederiksberg.

April 2017: Solo-Exhibition at Galleri Ur, Malmø, Sweden.

April. 2017: Exhibition at Galleri Oxholm, Frederiksberg.

June 2017: Exhibition at Hanstholm Kulturhus, Hanstholm, Denmark.

November-December: 2017: Exhibition at NovoZymes, Bagsværd.

Christian Gundtoft working in his studio.
One of the walls in the Gallery.