How do you create consensus in a reality that is dissolving fast?

The zeitgeist is leading us through a strange period where norms and concepts seem to be ever fleeting. “Truth” as an objective platform is passé and we are possibly standing on the threshold to the socalled “post truth”-era. But how can we exchange complex experiences and ideas, if we can’t even agree on a set of basic rules? Will we in the future have to choose our “model” of reality the same way that we now have to choose between PC or MAC? And what happens when you start identifying so much with your choice of reality, that you forget that it’s just a model?

As fractured as consensus is, we seem to increasingly merge our identity together with our preferred model of the world, and the feeling of “absolute truth” can emerge - and therein lies the challenge: why  leave any room for alternative angles when you’ve sided with the absolute truth? Personally identifying with any given model will make it harder to step into an era where changeability is the norm and a head start is given to those who will be able to freely move between models.

In my paintings and drawings I try to reflect the dynamic aspect of reality. My motifs emerge as a layer-on-layer proces where a multitude of stories are woven together, gradually creating a mosaic with so many ins and outs that, in the search for a motifs, it would be more accurate to talk about temporary models. My objective is to create motifs with the largest amount of believable interpretations.

I am not a conceptual artist, though. More than anything, my drive is based on an intuitive love of lines, colors and visual complexity.

My paintings are all done in acrylics on canvas, and my drawings are (almost) all ink on paper. All materials are finest quality.

Resume (selection):

Januar 2016: Won 3. prize at the "Award Exhibition” at Galleri Oxholm in Copenhagen

April 2016: Represented by Galleri Hjorth at "NORTH art forum" in Aalborg

November 2016: Group Exhibition at Galleri Inuit, Aalborg

january 2017 - : Represented artist at Puls Art, Frederiksberg.

January 2017 -: Represented artist at Galleri Clifford, Vejle.

April 2017: Solo-Exhibition at Galleri Ur, Malmø

April. 2017: Group exhibition at Galleri Oxholm, Frederiksberg.

November-December: 2017: Exhibition at NovoZymes, Bagsværd.

January 2018: Solo-exhibition at Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen  

August 2018: Group-exhibition at Galleri  Øckenlund, Frederiksberg

August 2018: Exhibition at Nationalmuseets "Glassal", Copenhagen

December 2018: Solo-exhibition at Rejsestalden, Jægerspris. 

March 2019: Solo-exhibition at Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen

Christian Gundtoft working in his studio.